Welding Robots / Robotic Systems, Cobots Consultants (Consultancy), Advisors (Advisory Services), and more


This ambitious project is started by welding professionals who have experience of more than 30 years in sales, buying, renting, brand building, advising, and consulting in the metal fabrication industry.

Since techno commercial solutions are preferred by Fabrication industry , be it man or machine as it is difficult to source and retain skilled manpower like manual welders , robot operators, programmers, NDT personnel or related fraternity ,this gap is bridged by WELDINGKART with their experience , Knowledge & contacts as we assist welding & fabrication segment in selection of correct process, equipment ,training so that industries can be benefitted .We would link the users with manufactures, service providers and experts.

Based on your applications ,we would suggest the best possible process /equipment to enhance your productivity goals while maintaining the quality standards. These equipments...

  • Sales
  • Rental
  • Lease
  • Refurbished Welding And Cutting Machines
Our Areas of Expertise
Comprehensive Welding Solutions
Leading the Industry

As a leading Consultants, Advisors, Lead Generators, we provide Consultancy Services, Advisory Services For Sales, Rental / Hire / Leased, Used / Refurbished Welding And Cutting Machines like; Welding Robots / Robotic Systems, Welding Cobots, Welding Automation Systems / Equipments, Welding SPM (Special Purpose Welding Machines), SAW (Submerged Arc) Welding Equipments / Systems / Machines, GMAW Welding Equipments / Systems / Machines (Gas Metal Arc Welding) / MIG (Metal Inert Gas Welding) / MAG (Metal Active Gas Welding), GTAW Welding Equipments / Systems / Machines (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding) / TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas Welding), Welding And Cutting Fume Extraction Equipments / Systems, Welding Induction Heating Equipments / Systems / Machines, Laser Welding Machines, SMAW (Shielded Metal Arc) / MMAW (Manual Metal Arc) Welding Equipments / Systems / Machines, Stud Welding Machines, Welding Gas Equipments And Cutting Gas Equipments / Systems / Machines, Welding PPE (Personal Protective Equipments) / Industrial Welding Safety Equipments, Welding Auto Darkening Safety Helmets, Welding Powered Air Purification Respirators (Welding PAPR), also; Welding EN14731 Training / Certification Services, Welding EN15085 Training / Certification Services, Welding EN1090 Training / Certification Services, Welding ASME Training / Certification Services, Welding API Training / Certification Services, Welding Basic Training Services, Welding WPS / PQR Training Services from Pune, Maharashtra, India. We provide these services to various Industrial Manufacturers, Suppliers, Fabricators as per their requirement.

"Enhance your welding operations with our experts consultancy and training services - unlock efficiency, quality, and safety today!"